As a company, we create safe and pragmatic designs for every project.  Our services range from consultancy to realization.  We respect and enhance the project objectives. The feasibility of your project is our priority.  Our professionals have the expertise and the consulting services required to cover all aspects of your request.  We meet your demands in a transparent and predictable manner. Each project has specific challenge for which we can provide the right team to cooperate with the client. This is how we create a dynamic environment for optimization and integration. We are your engineering company for a successful and long-term partnership.


Certainty of supply requires planning, realistic timetables, reliable expediting, a network of high quality suppliers and an understanding of the sourcing market.

At ISP, global experience and long-term relationships are the basis for our procurement strategy. Our in-depth understanding of international markets and our relationships with key suppliers allow us to provide the best materials and services on time within budget. As a result, we have successfully delivered projects worldwide.


We have built our reputation on the safety, quality and schedule performance, we bring to our projects around the world. We construct our projects using consistent tools, systems and standards to safely deliver superior results even in the most challenging environments.  Our comprehensive portfolio of projects across the industries we serve and our concept-to-completion range of capabilities position us to meet the needs of our customers year after year.